Export Coaching & A La Carte

Besides training, the Malaysian Export Academy also provides coaching and handholding programs on Export and International Trade.

The academy has more than 12 Trade Accelerators who are competent in export Coaching and handholding. They are mainly retired Malaysian Trade Commissioners and senior officers from the Malaysian External Trade Development Corporation, Ministry of International Trade and Industry, and other trade-related agencies and also successful exporters who would like to share their knowledge and experiences.

In addition, the academy also employs the services of Industry subject matter experts who are competent with vast experience in trade finance, customs, standards and certifications, halal, logistics and supply chain, packaging, labeling, and export costing.

The scope of coaching by the Trade Accelerators and Industry experts includes the following among others:

  • Preparation for Export: Labeling and Packaging, Quality and Standards, and Costing and Pricing
  • Export Financing: Letter of Credit, Export Refinancing Schemes, Export Credit Insurance, Market Development Grants
  • Export Logistics: Incoterms & Terms of Payments, HS Classifications, Customs & Shipping Procedures, Other Export Documentation and Rules and Certificate of Origin
  • Export Market Selection and Research – Marketing Research & Trade Information, Market Selection Criteria, Sources of Information & Buyers
  • Export Sales and Marketing Tools: Market Entry Strategies, e-Marketing and Online portals and tools, Exhibiting Overseas, Branding, Franchising, Business Negotiations and Overseas Visits
  • Developing an Export Plan – Planning your export business
  • Export Management: Appointment of Agents and Distributors including Distributor Agreement, Cultural Issues and Consideration, Business Communication and Negotiation Process
  • Trade Policies & Opportunities: AEC, Bilateral and Regional FTAs, WTO etc



Our coaching is done on an hourly basis with a minimum 2 hours per session. Coaching could be done on a face to face basis or via online platforms.  It could be a dedicated coach for a client with the addition of some subject matter experts. The cost of coaching will be calculated based on the needs of the clients, their location and mode of coaching.

For overseas clients, online coaching is preferred with some visits of coaches to country of clients for some face-to-face coaching.

Our export coaching program has been used by several Malaysian government agencies to coach a good number of SMEs under their care, which is export ready or plan to expand their global market base.

Malaysian Clients: Malaysian companies that are planning to export or expand their market base, could use the services of our Trade Accelerators and Industry Experts. We will handhold your team to succeed in the export business. Related Government Agencies and Trade Associations are also invited to collaborate with us in assisting your registered companies to enter the export business or expand in the global markets. For more details, please call 03 8066 3107 Shafinah or Shazwani or email to info@exportacademy.net.

Overseas Clients: International Companies, Trade Associations, Chambers of Commerce and Government Trade Agencies are invited to collaborate with us in employing the services of our Trade Accelerators and Subject Matter Experts for your Export Team OR Members OR SME manufacturers in your country. This could be done physically, hybrid or online in accordance with your requirements. If interested, please complete this form – https://forms.gle/UyctNQPWhbBppsTd7 and we will get back to you with more details.