Besides Professional Certification courses on international trade and export subjects, Malaysian Export Academy also offers Certification courses in many other subjects that include Logistics, Finance, Taxation, Digital Transformation, Halal, Human Resources etc. The duration of our courses are 40 hours (face to face OR hybrid). It will also come with self-study and assessments.

Once completed and passed your assessments, you will be qualified to receive a professional certificate.

We collaborate with a number of Universities, Colleges and Certification Bodies for the issuance of our professional certificates. Among them are

  • Chartered Management Institute, UK
  • CCSD Council, Prague
  • International Association of Accounting Professionals (IAAP), UK
  • European International University, France
  • University of Alzette, France
  • Genovasi University College, Malaysia

Below is the list of Professional Certification courses offered by the Academy:

Malaysian Clients

We organize our professional certification courses as a public program (physical or hybrid) and as these are registered with the Human Resources Development Corporation, you could claim the full amount under HRDC. We could also conduct in-house in accordance to your requirements of dates and times. For more details, please contact info@exportacademy.net or 03 8066 3107

Global Clients

Trade agencies, Business Schools, Trade Associations, Colleges and Training Providers are invited to collaborate with us in running these courses in your country or in Malaysia. You could also participate in our public programmes by sending your clients to Malaysia. For more details, please contact info@exportacademy.net