Cross Border eCommerce

Malaysian Export Academy would like to give special focus to Cross Border eCommerce in order to stay afloat with the new norms and be able to enhance their export business and tap the opportunities online.

As physical activities are being heavily restricted in the export environment due to the current pandemic, more and more exporters throughout the world are resorting to digital export activities.

Using the appropriate ecommerce platforms, social media tools and other digital marketing avenues to source for international buyers, promote products and services and manage their export business have become a new norm or trend in handling the export business. Many exporters around the world are moving towards this new direction to promote, market and manage their exports.

MATRADE being our lead trade agency has now been focusing on an e-Trade Program that provides funds for SME exporters for Ecommerce Boarding and Digital Marketing. Similarly, SMECorp is also providing matching grants for SMEs under the Galakan Eksport Bumiputra scheme while MDEC has been providing SME Digital Matching Grant to eligible SME exporters.

  1. Our Objectives

    One of the main objectives of this digitalisation initiative is to assist Malaysian companies especially SMEs to accelerate their exports via Ecommerce and to have sustainable and valuable presence on cross – border Ecommerce platforms via activities such as digital marketing, online advertisements, online export promotions etc.

  1. Digital Export Activities

    Since online presence and activities have become increasingly relevant in the export business especially during the time of this pandemic when movement is restricted, Malaysian Export Academy and its Team of Trade Accelerators and Subject Matter Experts wish to give some focus on the digitisation of Malaysian exporters so that they would benefit from the digital opportunities available in the export industry.

    The areas that we have identified in this process are as follows:

    • Digital Audit – To undertake a Digital Audit on companies to ascertain the extent they are in a position to reap the digital export opportunities.
    • Digital Export Plan – To come up with a Digital Export Plan (which could be incorporated into their company’s Export Master Plan) and to draw up a list of digital activities for each company.
    • Proposed Activities will include:
      • Training and workshop on Ecommerce Management and Digital Marketing
      • Website Redesign/Revamping for those with websites and for those without any websites, we will develop a new export-oriented website.
      • Onboarding in suitable B2B or/and B2C Cross Border Ecommerce platforms and assist them to manage the responses and transactions
      • Accelerate Digital Export Marketing activities using social media tools, content creation, Online advertising space rental, Search Engine Optimisation etc

    While the Trade Accelerators will be involved in the Digital Audit, we will identify a team of Digital Subject Matter Experts to assist our companies in their initiatives to undertake digital activities to enhance their export business.

    Once we have received the Digital Audit of each company, we will be able to develop a Digital Export Plan for each of them and to advise them on the suitable and relevant digital export activities for each company.

  1. Onboarding to Ecommerce Platform

    We prefer each of the companies to be boarded in at least two B2B Cross Border Ecommerce platforms and another two B2C platforms.

    We suggest that each company takes up a Gold Package in any recommended B2B platforms. The cost of a basic gold package is about on average of RM 7,500 for each platform. And this will come with many features such as introduction to a good number of authentic buyers for their products, follow up activities and other facilities.

    As for B2C platforms, there are many platforms which could be selected based on the potential markets and the types of products.

  1. Digital marketing Activities

    The companies need to have a good digital marketing strategy outlined in their Digital Export Plan. There are many Digital Marketing consultants and Subject Matter Experts who could be deployed to coach on an individual basis or in groups.

Malaysian/Global Clients

Our Trade Accelerators and Subject matter experts are ready to provide training, coaching or consultation to Malaysian/Global companies that are interested in exploring cross border eCommerce. For more information, please email to