MTD Calculation and Employee Benefits

  • 17-10-2022 - 18-10-2022

With advancements in technology and digitization, many rely on systems in payroll processing and administration. The practical calculation and understanding of computation has been drawbacks. Payroll queries posted by the employees pending reply from the vendor, while vendor does not take the custody to reply accordingly. Value add yourself with knowledge in MTD calculation and employee benefits as future-growth steps in your career of payroll administration.

Module 1: Obligation Employee under Income Tax Act

  • Who is tax payer in an employment?
  • Differences of employment income and taxable income
  • Obligation of employee
  • Tax payer responsibilities
  • Tax file registration 

Module 2: Tax liability and Allowable deductions

  • Tax brackets 
  • Type of deductions 
  • Tax exemptions
  • Tax reliefs
  • Tax rebate 
  • TP1 & TP3
  • CP39 & CP38 

Module 3: Monthly Tax Deduction

  • What is MTD?
  • MTD computations
  • MTD on additional remuneration
  • Interpretation result of MTD calculator 

Module 4: Employee Benefits 

  • Type of employee benefits 
  • Financial and Non-financial components
  • Tax treatment on employee benefits
  • Employee benefits trend

Module 5: Benefits-in-kind 

  • Definition of BIK
  • Tax treatment on BIK
  • Payroll compliance of tax on BIK
  • Activities

Module 6: Perquisite

  • Definition of Perquisite
  • Tax treatment on various perquisite
  • Payroll compliance of tax on perquisite
  • Activities


Sim Chuee Peng (Karen)

  • Time : 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (Asia/Kuala_Lumpur)

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