Mastering Shipping & Logistic in Import Export Trade

In international trade, movement of goods, materials, services, information and financial flows are the critical path determines a shipment total success or failure.

Shipping is a vital link in the global transportation pipeline bridging the commerce and business communities. An insight understanding of the principles, operations, documentations and tactical skills will assist in optimizing supply and delivery cost. Leading in alignment of partnerships and developing new strategies in exceeding customer’s demand and fulfillment.


Understanding Roles and Responsibilities of Shipping Providers

  • The Port and Terminal Operators
  • The Principal and Supplementary Carriers
  • The Logistics Providers and Freight Forwarders

Introduction to Partnership Shipping for Global Trade (PPS)

  • The paradigm and rationale of PPS
  • The aims and objectives criticality of PPS
  • The criteria and decision level of PPS

The Trade Routes and Shipping Trading Areas

  • The definition and implication of sea lanes
  • The sea landscape for maritime operations
  • The business models adoption of carriers

Document Used In Sea Cargo Operations

  • The Bill of Lading
  • The Sea Way Bill
  • The Mate’s Receipt
  • The Cargo Manifest
  • The Shipping Note
  • The Delivery Order

The Principles of Handling Dangerous Cargo

  • Classification and Identification
  • Packing and Stowage
  • Marking and Labeling

Carriage of Goods in Containerization

  • Features of containerization operation
  • Precautionary measures in handling
  • Variations in type of container usage

Freight Rates and Cargo Claims Procedures

  • The Liner and Carrier Rates
  • The Commodity Box Rate
  • The Freight All Kind Rate
  • Notice of claim resolution
  • Time and claim limitation
  • Parties and claimants preference

Principles of Performance Metrics in Shipping

  • Understanding the strategic objectives
  • Implementing level of operation score card
  • Monitoring the captured results and indexes

Principles of Outsourcing in Shipping

  • The operational directives aims and objectives
  • The tactical advantages and disadvantages
  • The strategic strength and weakness

Commercial and Trade Documents in Shipping

  • Supplier’s Quotation
  • Pro-forma Invoice
  • Purchase Order
  • Sales Confirmation
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing Weight List
  • Export Shipping Instruction

Logistics efficiency and effectiveness in the execution chain

  • Logistics planning criteria at pre-departure stage
  • Logistics monitoring method at in-conveyance stage
  • Logistics reporting style at post-arrival stage

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  • Date : 21/12/2022 - 22/12/2022
  • Time : 9:00 pm - 5:00 pm (Asia/Kuala_Lumpur)

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Mastering Shipping & Logistic in Import Export Trade
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