Import & Export Procedure and Documentation

  • 14-03-2024 - 15-03-2024
  • Dorsett Grand Subang


The Customs Legislations have been amended substantially which will be effective from 01.01.2020. Notable amendments have been made to the Customs Act 1967, Sales Tax Act 2018 and the Free Zone Act 1990. The previous Customs Regulations 1977 has been revoked and replaced with the new Customs Regulations 2019 thus initiating changes to certain  customs procedures

This program whilst highlighting the existing procedures will also enlighten the business community on the significant changes to the customs procedures related to import/export, transit/transshipment, preferential tariff/certificate of origin, customs ruling on origin and other miscellaneous amendments

The training will highlight the latest provisions including the amendments to Customs Act 1967, Sales Tax Act 2018 and Free Zone Act 1990 to enable the business community to conduct their business without any interruptions in an orderly and efficient manner.



  • Knowledge of the relevant amendments.
  • Understand the latest changes to customs import and export procedures.
  • Understand the use of new customs forms / composite forms.
  • To understand how Assessment, Classification and Valuation is done by customs officers.
  • Knowing the problems generally associated with imports and exports documentation.
  • How the amendments will affect customs procedures and documentation.
  • Knowing briefly the various facilities & incentives provided under customs legislations and its application.



Power Points Presentation, Lectures, Discussions and Q & A session



This course is suitable for all manufacturers, importers, exporters, trading houses, tax consultants and practitioners in understanding the complexity of customs procedures.



  1. Customs Legislations
  2. Customs Organizational Structure
  3. Import & Export Procedures
  4. Classification and Valuation of Goods
  5. Customs Prohibition of Import / Export Orders 2017
  6. Claim for preferential tariff and certificate of origin
  7. Transit / Transshipment procedures
  8. Transportation procedures between East and West Malaysia
  9. Post Importation Audit Areas of Concern
  10. Customs procedure in Duty Free Islands
  11. Customs Procedures in Free Zones
  12. Duty Exemptions under Customs Duties Exemption Order 2017 and Sales Tax (Exemption from Payment of Tax) Order 2018
  13. Review and Appeal
  14. Procedures Customs Offences & Penalties
  15. Conclusion





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P. Nadaraja

  • Time : 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (Asia/Kuala_Lumpur)

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