Export Coaching A La Carte

  • 01-05-2023 - 31-12-2023

Companies/Enterprises that are :

  1. Having a Product or Service but needing support to adapt or modify to meet Export Requirements
  2. Export Ready but needed support to successfully export their products and services
  3. Already exporting and are looking for expanding in existing markets and penetrating new markets

During the last 5 years, the Malaysian Export Academy has been successfully coaching and hand-holding more than 400 companies to set up an export business OR exported their products and services to selected markets OR penetrated into new markets OR expanded into existing and new markets.  Besides, the academy has trained more than 5,000 Business executives and fresh graduates in various export and International Trade subjects. 

The Academy is now launching its Export Coaching a La Carte program for the benefit of Malaysian companies which are interested to embark in the export business or expanding their market base or finding new markets globally.

The mode of our a La Carte program is a one-to-one coaching by our Trade Accelerators and Subject Matters experts. Our menu is as follows and you have the liberty to select whichever program you would need assistance:

  1. Setting up and starting an Export Business
  2. Export Preparation – Standards and Certification
  3. Export Preparation – Packaging (Design and Industrial) and Labelling
  4. Export Preparation – Pricing for Export
  5. Developing an Export Plan
  6. Export Market Research and Sourcing of Buyers
  7. Export Marketing Strategies and selecting the most effective Export Promotional Tools
  8. E-Marketing – Using of the most appropriate B2B and selected countries’ B2C platforms and the effective use of digital marketing
  9. Market Development Grants for Exporters and other support from government agencies
  10. Market Prioritization and focusing on Specific Markets – Country or Region
  11. Managing your Export Orders and Transactions
  12. Appointment of Overseas Agents and develop an agency agreement
  13. Trade Financing
  14. Understanding Incoterms
  15. Certificate of Origin and Free Trade Agreements

The above is the list of subjects that you could be selected based on your company’s or staff’s needs. Our COACHES are experienced former Trade Commissioners, successful Exporters, International Consultants and other Subject Matter Experts.

We are also providing TRAINING on all the above subjects.

The duration of coaching on each subject will depend on your requirements. The minimum recommended for each subject is three hours. The coaching will be provided individually or to a group of executives such as your export team.

Our standard charges are RM 500 per hour and could be negotiated based on your required Coaching hours.

If you are HRDC registered company, you could claim on each subject as in-house training for a minimum of 4 hours with a group of 5 participants.

Should you be interested in our Export Coaching program, please kindly register your interest at  https://forms.gle/BU8USrsZU6JfkFWW8 and we will contact you.

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