Date :
23 - May - 2022 To 24 - May - 2022
Time : 09:00 am - 05:00 pm
Mode of programme : Virtual Programme
Platform: Zoom

Payroll efficiency, payroll compliance, payroll accuracy and real-time reporting are those challenges facing by payroll specialist as well as enterprises. Get it right at the beginning is essential to prevent any discrepancies in the later days. It would also enhance payroll efficiency throughout best practices scenarios.

DAY 1 (0930 – 1230 hours)
Activity 1: Brainstorming
Module Introduction & Overview

Lesson 1: Impact of Technology Transformation on Payroll
• Evolution in payroll management
• Responsibilities of payroll administrator
• Key performance area

Lesson 2: Security, Payroll Controls &Payroll components
• Data security
• System security
• Payroll controls
• Payroll components

Lesson 3: Employment type
• What is contract of service
• What is contract for service
• Periodical employment
• Part time
• Casual labour

Lesson 4: Wages
• Consent for Payment of Wages
• Advances Validity and limitations
• Deductions Validity and limitations
• Principal responsibility in Payment of Wages
• Legal payment date
• New minimum wage order
• Calculation of salary for incomplete month

Lesson 5: Working Hours, Working Day and OT
• Definition of Normal work days and hours
• Break time
• What is ORP
• Definition of overtime
• How to calculate OT
• Limitation on OT hours
• Calculation for Non-Pay Leave

(1230 – 1400 hours) – LUNCH BREAK

DAY 1 (1400-1700 hours)

Lesson 6: Rest Day and OT

• Rest day of the week
• Pay rate for work done on rest day
• Pay rate for overtime done on rest day

Lesson 7: Public Holiday and OT
• Minimum gazetted Public Holidays to adhere
• Public Holidays, Substitutable Holidays
• Work on Paid Holidays and OT
• Pay rate for work done on Public Holidays
• Pay rate for overtime done on rest day

Lesson 8: Annual Leave, Non-Pay Leave & Absenteeism
• Minimum days of Annual leave
• Encashment of annual leave
• Calculation of Non-Pay Leave
• What is Absenteeism
• Calculation of absenteeism

Lesson 9: Paid and Unpaid Sick Leave & Hospitalization
• Sick leave entitlement
• Fulfilment for sick leave
• Treatment of full claimed sick leave
• Hospitalization leave entitlement
• Odd case – deemed as on hospitalization

Lesson 10: Maternity Leave and Allowance
• Duration of maternity leave and its allowance
• Maternity leave entitlement
• Eligibility of maternity leave does not mean eligibility of maternity allowance
• Allowable period to kick off maternity leave

DAY 2 (0900-1230 hours)
Opening: Day-1 Modules Review

Lesson 11: Resignation and Dismissal
• Minimum notice period required by EA 1955
• Calculation of notice period
• Payment in lieu of notice period
• Payment date of last drawn Administration

Lesson 12: Retrenchment
• What is retrenchment and redundancy
• Pre-requirement exercise retrenchment
• Notice period of retrenchment
• Retrenchment benefits
• Payment date of retrenchment benefits

Lesson 13: Part Time Employees
• Part-timer same as casual worker?
• Annual leave and sick leave
• Hours of work and OT

Lesson 14: EPF Contribution
• Date of contribution
• Who liable to contribute?
• Contribution rate of employer and employee
• Foreigner liable to contribute?
• Wages definition under EPF board
• Common mistake made by employer
• Opt-out from gazette rate
• Penalties

(1230 – 1400 hours) – LUNCH BREAK

DAY 2 (1400-1700 hours)

Lesson 15: SOCSO & EIS

• Who liable to contribute SOCSO & EIS?
• Contribute rate of employer and employee
• Foreigner liable to contribute?
• Wages definition under SOCSO
• Date of contribution
• Penalties

Lesson 16: Monthly Tax Deduction, CP38, TP1 & TP3
• Wages definition under Inland Revenue Board
• Who need to register a tax file?
• Tax bracket of annual employment income
• MTD deduction by table
• MTD deduction by formula
• Tax rebate & exemptions
• TP1 & TP3
• Date of contribution
• What is CP38?
• Benefits-in-kind
• Methodology of determine value of BIK

Lesson 17: Salary Reconciliation
• Why salary reconciliation so important
• Monthly salary reconciliation vs yearly salary reconciliation
• Steps in salary reconciliation
• Parties involved

Lesson 18: EA form and E form
• What is EA-form and E-form?
• What is Data-Praisi and CP8D
• Advantages of Data-Praisi
• Due date of submission of Data-Praisi
• Due date of distribution of EA-form
• Date of submission of E-Form
• E-filling of E-form



• HR Consultant
• HRDF Certified Trainer
• MIHRM Tea Talk Invited Speaker
• Human Capital Management – Bilanguage (English & Mandarin) Speaker

Karen possess over 20 years’ practical experience in Regional Payroll Management which includes Singapore, Brunei, Greater China and Malaysia as well as overseeing employees’ compensation & benefits as a whole.

Then she further ventured into talent acquisition, exercised various personality assessments – filtering technique, performance review, digitalized human resources processes, drafted HR policies and procedures and employee engagement consultation.

Now, she extended her career path as Trainer as well as HR Consultant in her professional industry. She was invited to share with a pool of Artists in regards to Performance Management System as well as Effective Communication. She also conducted Manpower Planning and Budgeting workshops (Mandarin workshop) on a regular basis.

Apart of it, Karen also conducted workshops at various topics which are not limited to Total Reward Strategy (Mandarin & English workshops), Preparation towards E-Form & EA-Form submission (Mandarin & English workshops), Payroll Compliance workshop (English workshop) and How to Write a World-Class Standard HR Policies and Procedures (English workshops).

She not only conducted physical training, but also ventured into webinar. She also well-versed in 5S practices (Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Sheiketsu, Shitsuke) as she was awarded as Best 5S Ambassador during her employment with a direct selling company. She is aspired to share with people who passionate to learn under her core expertise.


MYR 1300.00

Subjected to 6% SST


2 Day/s

Certificate of Attendance Will be Provided

HRDcorp Claimable