Date :
12 - May - 2022 To 13 - May - 2022
Time : 09:00 am - 05:00 pm
Mode of programme : Virtual Programme
Platform: Zoom

In today’s competitive business environment, English is increasingly becoming the global language of communication in the commercial world. However, effectively using English in the workplace requires a very specific and demanding knowledge of business-centred grammar and vocabulary.
This course will help you improve your English skills (Spoken & Written) in a business and professional setting.

Communication via Speaking in English

Module 1: Communication Process

• Communications & Perceptions
   o Definition on Communication and Its Perceptions
• Service mindset
   o Are we communicating effectively?
   o Do we blame others for our own communication failure?

Module 2: Creating Impressions
• Listening Techniques - Are you a good listener?
• Using your Voice Professionally
   o 4 types of Voice Projection for Successful Communication
• Body Language
   o Good Corporate Body Language & Its Impact on Communication with Customers

Module 3: Business Vocabulary/ Choice of Words
• 12 Focus Areas
   o Intro phrases
   o Topic change
   o Interrupting
   o Fillers
   o Opinions
   o Advising
   o Questioning / Clarifying
   o Asking
   o Connecting cause & consequences
   o Contrasting
   o Stating purpose
   o Correcting Information
• Common Confusing Words

Module 4: Business Activities - Application
Application on Communication via:-
• Business Telephone Handling
   o Correct scripts on Telephone Calls
• Professionalism in Greeting Visitors
• Meetings
   o WHY meetings are so long
   o How to manage meeting effectively
   o Roles of Chairperson & Minutes Taker

Writing Effective Emails

Module 1: Drawing Attention
• How to Improve on Subject Line
• Dos' & Don'ts in a Subject Line
• Good Opening Lines

Module 2: Making E-mails Readable
• Attachments in Emails
   o Correct ways on email attachments.
   o How to manage if you have more than one attachments
• Creating Logical Structure
   o Ways on Writing Effective Email
   o Maximum Lines in Each Paragraph

Module 3: Conclusion & Action
• Closing for action
   o How to end an email with good closing lines


Sathiesh Sangarajoo

Sathiesh Sangarajoo
• BEng (HONS) – University of Lincolnshire & Humberside, United Kingdom.
• CERTIFICATION IN TRAINING (TTT/ 7353) - Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad

Sathiesh has extensive 17 years of working experience in Telecommunication and Semiconductor /Manufacturing industries. He assumed positions as Head of Customer Service and Network Technology Division Engineer. Been exposed to training in Managing Customers’ Complaints & Recovery Process, Sweden and Subscription Handling for Call Center as well as Call Center Service Overview, Spain.

Some of the portfolios that he has undertaken during his tenure includes: - Conducting Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Implementing Quality Initiatives, Team Engagement & Empowerment, Induction Programs, Writing Policies & Procedures, Creating and Implementing Change Management plans.

He strongly believes in People Management Practices and Learning & Growth principle as being one of the key elements for organisations to succeed. He is passionate in making a difference in participants’ learning through his personalized, practical and dynamic approach to make training an enjoyable and valuable experience.

Sathiesh has effectively helped organizations and its people improve performance through training and consultancy in the areas of Leadership, Customer Service, Project Management and Personal Development.


MYR 660.00

Subjected to 6% SST


1 Day/s

Certificate of Attendance Will be Provided

HRDcorp Claimable