Effective Business Writing

Date :
12 - Oct - 2021 To 13 - Oct - 2021
Time : 09:00 am - 12:30 pm
Mode of programme : Virtual Programme
Platform: Zoom


Although writing is an important part of working life, few employees receive help with documents or writing guidance. Unclear writing creates confusion, leading to more enquiries for clarification, errors, complaints and also rework. All of these consume valuable company time.

Many feel insecure about their grammar and writing skills which results in tendency to use overly formal phrases that leave the reader with a negative impression of the writer and the company.

This course will help you improve your English writing skills in a business and professional setting.




Upon completion of this programme, participant will be able to:

  • Speed up the writing process when writing business documents such as emails, memo & reports
  • Organise their ideas and conclusions in reader-friendly written style, usage of correct grammars 
  • Apply the main rules of good business writing.
  • Select simple language to ensure that messages are read, understood and get results.




At the end of this programme, participant will have gained the following knowledge and learning and be able to:

  • Improve English writing skills in a business and professional setting.
  • Able to understand the correct ground rules on how to organise and execute proper business write-ups.





All who wish to improve their Business Writing Skills in a commercial or business context

(Executives, Junior Executives, Junior Officer / Clerk)




An interactive and practical approach incorporating group discussions/exercises, presentations and role plays.





  • Good Internet / wifi connectivity
  • PC / Laptop with good audio/visual
  • Virtual platform - ZOOM
DAY 1  

Prioritising Concerns for Effective Business Writing

  • Purpose of Business Writing?
  • P.D.P of Writing (Plan – Design –Prepare)
  • Writing Checklist
Reader Analysis

Mindset in Business Writing

  • Creating Logical Structure
  • A.B.C of Writing
  • K.I.S.S Principle
  • Improve Clarity
  • Eliminate Wordiness
  • Using Positive Words

Business Vocabulary/ Choice of Words

  • Grammar Minefield – Highlighting the common usage 
  • Punctuation errors
  • Common Words – usage & meaning
  • Common Confusing Words
  • Spelling - British vs American English

Useful Phrases for Writing

  • Confirmation
  • Drawing Attention to Matter
  • Requests
  • Refusing Politely
  • Apologizing /Expressing Regret
  • Expressing Dissatisfaction
  • Offering Help /Assistance
  • Referring to Future Contact / Business
  • Enclosing Documents
  • Referring to Payment
  • Price Matters
  • Giving Good News
  • Giving Bad news
  • Orders
DAY 2  


  • E-mail Format
  • Creating accurate “Subject Line”
  • Appropriate “Opening Lines”
  • Content
  • Closing for action
  • Dealing with angry /aggressive emails


  • Format of Memo
  • Opening Segments
  • Discussion Segments
  • Closing Segments

Business Letters

  • Common types of business letters
  • Layouts for letters
  • Replying a Letter
  • Initiating a Letter


Sathiesh Sangarajoo

  • BEng (HONS)University of Lincolnshire & Humberside, United Kingdom.
  • CERTIFICATION IN TRAINING (TTT/ 7353) - Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad


Sathiesh has extensive 17 years of working experience in Telecommunication and Semiconductor /Manufacturing industries. He assumed positions as Head of Customer Service and Network Technology Division Engineer. Been exposed to training in Managing Customers’ Complaints & Recovery Process, Sweden and Subscription Handling for Call Center as well as Call Center Service Overview, Spain.



Some of the portfolios that he has undertaken during his tenure includes: - Conducting Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Implementing Quality Initiatives, Team Engagement & Empowerment, Induction Programs, Writing Policies & Procedures, Creating and Implementing Change Management plans.




He strongly believes in People Management Practices and Learning & Growth principle as being one of the key elements for organisations to succeed. He is passionate in making a difference in participants’ learning through his personalized, practical and dynamic approach to make training an enjoyable and valuable experience.



Sathiesh has effectively helped organizations and its people improve performance through training and consultancy in the areas of Leadership, Customer Service, Project Management and Personal Development.


MYR 660.00

Subjected to 6% SST


2 Day/s

7 CPD Points

Certificate of Attendance Will be Provided

HRDcorp Claimable