Termination of Employees – The Right Way

Date :
11 - Oct - 2021 To 12 - Oct - 2021
Time : 09:00 am - 05:00 pm
Mode of programme : Virtual Programme
Platform: Zoom


The objective of this course is to allow not only the Human Resource professionals but also the functional managers in an organization to get acquainted with the fundamental operational aspects of managing their employees in a correct manner should the need for termination arise and which can be done effortlessly.




All who are managing employees and should have an understanding on the elements of termination of an employee.




Interactive lectures, discussions with real life scenarios and small group activities using case studies




  • Good Internet / wifi connectivity
  • PC / Laptop with good audio/visual
  • Online platform - ZOOM
  • Rights of Employer
  • Rights of Employee
  • Obligations of Employer
  • Obligations of Employee
  • Types of Misconduct/Termination
  1. Absence without leave
  2. Tardiness
  3. Poor performance
  4. Insubordination
  5. Disobedience
  6. Frustration of Contract
  7. Fixed Term Contract
  8. Probationer
  • Factors to be considered before termination
  • Understanding the relevant provisions of the Employment Act
  • Consequences of unjustified termination
  • Absence without Leave
  • Absent on sick leave
  • Malingering
  • Poor Performance
  • How to manage poor performance of confirmed employee
  • Pitfalls in weak management of poor performers
  • Dismissal
  • Types of dismissal
  • Difference between unfair dismissal and constructive dismissal
  • Conditions to be met to show constructive dismissal
  • Remedy for dismissal
  • Breach of contract
  • Absent without approval
  • Terms & Conditions of contract not complied
  • Premature determination of contract
  • Probationer
  • Termination during probation
  • Termination after end of probation
  • Managing probationers
  • Intelligent investigation
  • Who should investigate alleged misconduct?
  • What kind of surveillance technology can be used?
  • Section 14[EA 1955]
  • The Principles of Natural Justice
  • The Stages of a Domestic Inquiry (DI)
  1. Preliminary Inquiry
  2. Charge Sheet
  3. Notice of Inquiry
  4. Decision of Panel
  5. Disciplinary Punishments
  • Procedural Mistakes to avoid when Conducting a DI
  1. Consequences of faulty charges
  2. Role of the Panel of the Inquiry
  3. Can the role of Investigator and Prosecutor be combined?
  4. What evidence can the accused be allowed to see
  • Is there a need to hold a Domestic Inquiry?
  • Is the absence of an Inquiry fatal to the Employer’s case?


Sajni Dharamdass

  • Masters Degree in Human Resource Management Certificate in English Language (TEFL/TESOL).
  • Certificate in Translation/Editing (English/Bahasa Malaysia/English
  • Certificate in Safety & Health Officer: NIOSH
  • HRDF TTT : PSMB (TTT/14183)


Sajni Dharamdass is passionate about the field of Human Resources & Safety & Health, and has accumulated vast hands on experience in the field of Human Resource Systems/Performance Management & Industrial Relations; Safety & Health program implementations over a period of 25 years.



She has been actively involved in the planning, designing and implementing of HR policies and procedures as well as Health & Safety activities in various organizations and mainly in unionized European, German, American and Japanese multinational manufacturing industries. She gained her extensive experience having worked in the following companies: GKN Driveshaft Sdn Bhd, Sumitomo Malaysia Sdn Bhd and Metrod Malaysia Sdn Bhd where she rose from the executive levels to Senior positions leading the HR divisions. Her experience spans in other countries in the Asia Pacific region, Australia, and India. This has contributed greatly in making the training programmes very practical and performance-oriented. The HR Consultancy/Advisory work that she has been involved in is mainly focused in the field of Industrial Relations, Performance Management Systems and Managing Millennials.



Adept in both English and Bahasa Malaysia, she conducts various programs on Safety & Health, HR and IR, through programs such as: Performance Management, Managing Poor Performance under Employment Law, Understanding of Employment Act 1955 & Industrial Relations Act 1967, Investigation Sexual Harassment in Workplace, Succession Planning, Safety & Health at Workplace, Emergency Preparedness and HIRARC Analysis.



Some of the recent key clients and professionals she has worked with on various training programs and consultancy assignments are Westport, Penang Port, Labuan Shipyard, Sumitomo, Applied Magnetics, Flextronics (JB), TDK Nilai, Hackney Logistics, Tat Hong Machinery, Perodua, UMW, JPK Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Lazada Logistics, Genpact (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, BHIC Aeroservices, and Lion Group, and Huah Lum Credit Sdn Bhd.



A naturally gifted orator and highly involved in the advancement of women entrepreneurs, she is actively involved in numerous associations such as holding the chair of President of USJ Toastmasters Club, Board Advisory Panel member of the Women’s Institute of Management, and is the Executive Council Member of the Business Networking Club, Malaysia.


MYR 1300.00

Subjected to 6% SST


2 Day/s

14 CPD Points

Certificate of Attendance Will be Provided

HRDcorp Claimable