Microsoft Excel Data Analysis Essential

Microsoft Excel Data Analysis Essential

Date : 21 May 2021
Time : 09:00 am - 05:00 pm
Venue : 1


Microsoft Excel is one of the most powerful and popular data analysis desktop application on the market today. By participating in this Microsoft Excel Data Analysis and Dashboard Reporting course you'll gain the widely sought after skills necessary to effectively analyze large sets of data. Once the data has been analyzed, clean and prepared for presentation, you will learn how to present the data in an interactive dashboard report.




  • Understand and Identify the principles of data analysis
  • Effectively summarize and present data clearly
  • Use effective design principles when creating and presenting data
  • Take full advantage of the built in tools Microsoft Excel offers in order to analyze and build dashboard reports
  • Streamline and Analyze Data with Excel PivotTables and Pivot Charts




Remote Learning, Lecture style, with hands-on exercises




Experienced Microsoft Excel users (from Manager, Executive to Junior Executive) who are looking to efficiently analyse large data sets and create dynamic dashboard reports




Experience working with Microsoft Excel on a Windows system





  • Good Internet / wifi connectivity
  • Headset with mic
  • Laptop equipped with Microsoft 2013 or above version
Module Topic
Module 1

Managing Raw Data

  • Excel Versions and features
  • Working with Raw Data
  • Data Housekeeping
    1. Import Data
    2. Text to Column Tricks
    3. Troubleshooting merged data
    4. Working with Unnecessary Spacings
    5. Troubleshooting Wrong Date and Time
    6. Data Cleaning and Trimming
    7. Working Text Functions
    8. Validating Data
Module 2

Working with a Single Dataset

  • Transform Manual Database to Smart Datasets
  • Smart Table Magics
  • Smart Table Conditions
  • Working with Data Sources
Module 3

Working with Data Analysis

  • Preparing Functions
  1. LOOKUPS in Excel
  • Quick Report with Pivot Tables
  • Pivot Table Conditions
  • Pivot Table Connection
  • Handling Queries
  • Working with Simplified Reports
Module 4

Working with Multiple Datasets

  • Advance Filter
  • Consolidating Data
  • Combining data from Multiple Dataset
Module 5

Working with Data Reporting

  • Pivot Table Data Sources
  • Pivot Tables Queries and Solutions
  • Pivot Table Data Grouping
  • Pivot Table Subtotals
  • Pivot Tables – Format Number
  • Pivot Table Functions
  • Pivot Table – Show Page Report Filter
  • Pivot Table – Data Modelling
  • Pivot Table – Row , Columns , Values and Filter Section
  • Pivot Table – Rank and Comparison
  • Pivot Table – Designs and Themes
  • Pivot Tables – Complex Queries
  • Pivot Tables – Options and Advance Format
Module 6

Preparing Dashboard

  • Pivot Tables Queries
  • Pivot Chart Queries
  • Slicers
  • Preparing Interactive Dashboard


Shabenah Bee Bt Mohd

Shabenah Bee Bt Mohd
Microsoft Certified Trainer / HRDF Certified Trainer (TTT-PSMB)


Diligent and dedicated Computer Science educationist with 18 years’ experience in ICT and Softskill training especially for private and government agencies around Malaysia and Singapore. Track record of consistently building the participants’ calibre and knowledge in Information Technology, Business Communication and Self-development skills. Committed to provide high quality corporate training at all levels. Profound ability to develop productive and effectual lesson plans based on the curriculum and executing the same.

  • Substantial knowledge of age specific effective teaching and instructional strategies.
  • Solid experience in supervising ICT related practical projects as client’s requirement.


She had vast of experiences in Microsoft Office especially Microsoft Excel training, which covering multi-national businesses, local businesses, and non-profit organizations. She has trained corporations including Port Of Tanjung Pelepas, Port of Tanjung Langsat, JAKIM, Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Tenaga Nasional Berhad, Sistem Air Johor, Technip (AsiaFlex Products Sdn Bhd) , UEM, Ministry Of Health Malaysia, PSMB, Genting Properties Sdn Bhd, TV3, Polis DiRaja Malaysia, Dyson, Iskandar Regional Development Authorities (IRDA, Johor), IOI Properties, CIDB Malaysia.


On a personal level, she is a strong believer of continual improvement is a journey of self-learning. In her classes, she guides the participants on forming their own solutions. She received regular feedback from her participants for being inspiring in her nature. She relates her trainings and teaching with the practical side of the corporate world. She is known as a trainer and teacher who instil the essence of learning.


MYR 660.00

Normal Price MYR0.00

Subjected to 6% SST


1 Day/s


HRDF SBL Claimable

CPD Points & Certificate of Attendance Will be Provided