Sharpen Your Focus, Being Proactive

Sharpen Your Focus, Being Proactive

Date : 28 May 2021
Time : 09:00 am - 05:00 pm
Venue : 1


Proactive people focus as much of their energy as possible on issues that are in their control. When they do this, they create positive energy and their influence grows to include things were previously out of their control.


Highly effective people do more than the average person. They accomplish their goals and broaden their influence, and over time, the scale of their accomplishments grow.




  • Determine obstacles in delivering their work
  • Determine what’s within their control.
  • Understand the mistaken belief that they have about themselves
  • Gain Confidence in doing the Right Things Right
  • Fix & prevent Obstacles in fulfilling their role



Executives, Team Leaders & Team Members, who would like to manage their work more effectively and build a strong foundation for their growth and success at workplace and business.




Remote Online Learning – virtual classroom



  • Good Internet / wifi connectivity
  • Laptop / smartphone
  • Headset with mic
Module Topic
Module 1 The Starting Point of Success
  • Aim to be excellent in what you do
  • Break through mistaken beliefs
  • Taking Initiatives at Work
Module 2 Release MY Potential
  • Understanding My Role
  • Determining what is within My Control
  • Action Plan for Implementation
Module 3 Fixing & Preventing
  • Obstacles in fulfilling My Role & Objectives
  • Action Plan for Implementation


Vanaja Sangarajoo

  • LLB (HONS) – University Of London
  • MBA (INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT) – Asia Pacific International Institute New Zealand
  • CERTIFICATION IN TRAINING (TTT/2776) - Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad
  • FACILITATION CERTIFICATION (TQA) – Asian Strategy & Leadership Institute (ASLI)


Vanaja has over 21 years of working experience in various industries ranging from Education, Manufacturing, Telecommunication, Property Development and Construction. She assumed positions as Head of Customer Quality Control, Head of Business Architecture, Head of Organisation Development  and finally as Head of Human Resource Development in one of the Top 10 Best Employers in Malaysia.


Some of the portfolios that she has undertaken during her tenure in the various organisations includes:- Writing policies & procedures, Setting up departments, Implementing Human Resources initiatives, Conducting customer satisfaction surveys, Organisation health

assessments, Establishing Company driven goals & objectives, Implementing Quality initiatives, Complaints/Grievance Management, Recruitment & Selection, Learning & Growth initiatives, Standardization of methods and practices, Induction Programs, Creating and implementing Change Management plans that minimize employee resistance and maximize employee engagement.


She strongly believes in People Management Practices and Learning & Growth principle as being one of the key elements for organisations to succeed. She has acted as change agent, with a flair for spotting and analysing problems and opportunities to guide top management in their efforts to transform and change the culture in the organisation.


Her area of expertise is to train and develop the company’s internal capacity through its people to most efficiently and  effectively sustain itself over the long term as well as developing & implementing organisational transformation strategy intended to change the beliefs, attitudes, values and structure of organizations so that they can better adapt to new challenges. 


MYR 660.00

Normal Price MYR0.00

Subjected to 6% SST


1 Day/s


HRDF SBL Claimable

CPD Points & Certificate of Attendance Will be Provided