Strategic Procurement And Effective Vendor Negotiation Skills

Strategic Procurement And Effective Vendor Negotiation Skills

Date : 6 January 2021
Time : 09:00 am - 05:00 pm
Venue : Webinar


Purchasing is a process. Purchasers should be exposed to the necessary specific steps taken at each stage to ensure the maximum benefit for their organization. This course will focus on the important challenge faced by those responsible for making purchases that is establishing and maintaining their reputation as a strong and experienced buyer. Buyers will also discover skillful ways to make suppliers appreciate their business and reduce the burden of administrative paperwork. This course will also help participants learn masterful negotiating and purchasing techniques used by the most sophisticated and effective buyers in the business. Finally as a buyer you will sound like a professional no matter what you are buying.



At the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • improve your negotiating skills to get the price, quality and service you want.
  • learn the key factors in an effective purchasing system.
  • learn criteria for finding suppliers who will best serve your needs.
  • identify ways to turn a supplier problem into a financial advantage for your company.



Purchasing Executives/ Officer, professional buyers, administration / finance officers



Online remote learning - interactive and practical approach incorporating group Discussions, Exercises, & Analysis



  • Good Internet / wifi connectivity
  • Laptop with webcam / smartphone
  • Headset with mic
Module Title
DAY 1 (3.5 Hours)  
Module 1 Introduction to Procurement
  • Define the 5 objective of procurement
  • The procurement process
  • Single sourcing and multi sourcing
  • The purchasing cycle time
  • Types of purchase
  • Group discussion
Module 2 Effective Purchasing System
  • 7 key elements of an effective purchasing system
  • Inspect shipments
  • How to resolve deviations to your satisfaction
  • Purchasing techniques to improve company’s profitability
  • Reduce organization’s cost of doing business
  • Price and cost analysis methods
  • How to avoid problem areas that can raise the true cost of inventory
  • Identifying your BATNA
  • Case study
DAY 2 (3.5 Hours)  
Module 3 Vendor Development program
  • Effective vendor development program
  • Vendor qualification
  • Vendor selection
  • Vendor evaluation
  • Vendor development
  • Vendor certification
  • Listing of supplier sources
  • Techniques and procedures for locating and evaluating new suppliers
Module 4 Negotiate Optimum Price, Quality and Service
  • 6 questions to ask after receiving a price quote
  • Negotiating techniques
  • How to increase your buying power?
  • 4 negotiating advantages by dealing on the phone
  • When to make concessions
  • Avoid being intimidated by technical salespeople
  • Role Play
Module 5 Strategies & Tactics for Skillful Negotiation
  • Ensuring best price and service
  • How to be a good negotiator
  • Discover the most powerful negotiating tool
  • Strategies for negotiating on the telephone
  • Active and passive bargaining tactics


Dr Thanabalan Vellloo

Thanabalan has extensive experience in the field of operations performance improvement particularly in various manufacturing and services industries. He is not only an excellent and resourceful trainer, he is also skilled in management and leadership of organizations. He graduated with an honour’s degree in Management and Biochemistry from University of Science Malaysia in 1987.


He started his career in the manufacturing operations as a Production Executive and gradually moved in various managerial positions such as Production Manager  Packaging Manager, Planning and Logistics Manager, Sales Manager and Factory Manager.


To name a few of the organizations that he has worked for are Carsem semiconductor, Baxter Healthcare, London Rubber Company, Solectron, Mona Industries and Asiatic Dipped Products. This experience has given him a thorough understanding of the opportunities and problems involved with managing work, people and customers.


While working in the manufacturing sector he pursued an MBA program with University Kebangsaan Malaysia, majoring in General Management in 1996.


Upon completion of his MBA in 1998 and also due to his passion for training, he switched his career to Training and development. To date he has conducted more than 900 training programs mainly in the area of employee development, customer management and operations management / improvement. He is a very versatile trainer not only on the topics that he could train but a bilingual trainer as well. His fluency in Bahasa Malaysia has given him a competitive advantage especially in the present workplace condition.


As a corporate trainer he realized a major concern by organizations regarding Transfer of Training which he became interested to explore. He pursued his Ph.D in 2007 in order to identify the barriers to Training Transfer. He completed his Ph.D in 2013. Besides trainings, he also lectures part time in various higher learning institutions for their Degree and Masters programs.


He is a certified trainer with PSMB and to date has also conducted TNA projects and Train the Trainer programs for several companies. He is also a certified business coach representing University Malaya in coaching programs. Participants receive enhance benefits and impactful results from his training programmes because of his vast industrial exposure in various areas. He empowers people to increase their limits, level of commitment, higher level of performance of the individual, team and the organization in achieving organizational goals.


RM 470.00

Subjected to 6% SST


1 Day/s


HRDF SBL Claimable

CPD Points & Certificate of Attendance Will be Provided