Quality Customer Service

Quality Customer Service

Date : 4 November 2020
Time : 09:00 am - 12:30 pm
Venue : Webinar


Organizations go to great lengths to differentiate themselves from one another, usually at much expense. In reality, it is often their service culture that has one of the biggest impacts on customers and helps a customer decide whether or not to do business with the organization.


Most businesses lose their customer every day because of bad service and others gain them due to better service. Smart executives know that customer service development is an on-going process. To deliver effective customer service, an organization needs to seriously commit to and invest in their employees who manage the customers. But where do we start!  What makes Customer Service Professional? Also one of the aspects of customer service which is often overlooked is how the customer is handled when things go wrong. How you recover with a customer is critical to building customer loyalty and customer retention. Avoid turning dissatisfied customer into an angry one!



Upon completion of this programme, participant will be able to:

  • Apply Quality principles in Customer Service
  • Mentally prepared & focused in handling customers              
  • Create good first impressions & build rapport with customers
  • Manage Customer Experience
  • Understand the needs of customers
  • Sound confident and helpful.
  • Use effective questioning to understand customer expectations
  • Recognize barriers to the delivery of outstanding customer service.
  • Learn techniques for dealing with angry or upset customers.



At the end of this programme, participant will have gained the following knowledge and learning and be able to:

  • Apply good & effective Quality Service Mindset.
  • Would be tactful in managing clients and customers.
  • Improve soft skills and confident level in engaging customers.


Remote learning – virtual classroom



Managers, Executives, Customer Service Personnel, Sales & Marketing Personnel, Clerks, Supervisors, Officers and all those who need to handle customers.



  • Good Internet / wifi connectivity
  • Laptop / handphone with camera
  • Headset with mic
Module 1: Quality Leading the Way
  • The Meaning of Quality
  • o Definition on Quality
    o DO We Really Need Quality Work?
  • Benefits of quality
  • Cost of Quality
  • Reducing the Cost of Quality
Module 2: Understanding Expectations
  • How do I determine My Customer?
  • o Who are my Customers?
    o Are Customers Really Important?
  • Customer Common Complaints
  • o Why Customers Complain? Because They Like To?
    o What Types & Levels in Customer Complain?
    o How to Escalate the Issue before Matters Erupt
  • Customer Requirements/Expectations
  • o 6 Customer Expectations
    o How to Review & Manage Customer Expectations
  • Communication & Perceptions
  • o Mental & Emotional Preparations
Module 3: Managing Customer Experiences
  • Identifying the MOT of service
  • Building Rapport & Projecting Credibility
  • Positive Vocabulary/ Choice of Words
  • Questioning Techniques
  • o How to Identify Moment of Truth in Service
    o Using MOT Method to fix issues upfront
    o Usage of Positive Words I n Negative Situations
    o Questioning Style (Open - Probing - Closed Q)
Module 4: Recovering when Things Go Wrong
  • Turning complaints into opportunities
  • Handling Customer Complaints
  • Guidelines for Handling Angry Customer
  • o Treating Complaints as form of Improvements
    o Step by Step Guidance on Dealing with Complaints

Sathiesh Sangarajoo

  • BEng (HONS) – University of Lincolnshire & Humberside, United Kingdom.
  • CERTIFICATION IN TRAINING (TTT/ 7353) - Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad


Sathiesh has extensive 17 years of working experience in Telecommunication and Semiconductor /Manufacturing industries. He assumed positions as Head of Customer Service and Network Technology Division Engineer. Been exposed to training in Managing Customers’ Complaints & Recovery Process, Sweden and Subscription Handling for Call Center as well as Call Center Service Overview, Spain.


Some of the portfolios that he has undertaken during his tenure includes: - Conducting Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Implementing Quality Initiatives, Team Engagement & Empowerment, Induction Programs, Writing Policies & Procedures, Creating and Implementing Change Management plans.


He strongly believes in People Management Practices and Learning & Growth principle as being one of the key elements for organisations to succeed. He is passionate in making a difference in participants’ learning through his personalized, practical and dynamic approach to make training an enjoyable and valuable experience.


Sathiesh has effectively helped organizations and its people improve performance through training and consultancy in the areas of Leadership, Customer Service, Project Management and Personal Development. 


RM 470.00


2 Day/s


HRDF SBL Claimable

CPD Points & Certificate of Attendance Will be Provided