It is noted that the success of many leading economies in the world lies through the growth of SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises).

SMEs have the potential to increase employment, develop thesis new industries and build up existing ones. And therefore, over the years, the Malaysian Government has been actively offering various grants and financial assistance to Malaysian SMEs in order to enhance the country’s economic growth.

In order to assist Malaysian SMEs to fully utilize these opportunities, Malaysian Exporters Association in association with Malaysian Export Academy, has been successfully organizing seminars on Government Grants and Financial Assistance for Malaysian Companies & Its Application Procedures. This seminar assists in providing updates on the various grants and financial assistances and other financial schemes offered or coordinated by the various government agencies to Malaysian companies.

With interactive updates and intensive one-to-one Q&A session with Government agencies such as MATRADE, MIDA, MTDC, MIDF, MDEC, SME Corp and others, this event is conducted annually and has been attended by thousands of companies throughout Malaysia.

The main criteria for companies that are eligible to obtain Government Grants and Financial Assistance are as follows (other terms and conditions apply):

  • Manufacturing sector: Sales turnover of less than RM25 million OR full-time employee of less than 150
  • Services and other sectors: Sales turnover of less than RM5 million OR full-time employee of less than 50
  • 50% owned by Malaysian
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Does your company need step-to-step guide to apply for Government Financial Assistance? We, at Malaysian Export Academy, know the elements you might conclude an essay on the idea for successful grant application! Our consultation package will bring you through the entire application process.

Details are as follows….
RM500 non-refundable application fee, which includes:

  • Advice on Documentations
  • Advice on Requirements & Eligibility
  • Preparation of Documents
  • Submission of Documents
*10% commission will be charged to us upon approval of Grants/Financial Assistance.

Malaysian Export Academy also assist you in product branding. We provide a variety of short courses for you to learn and create an exciting product to market sales. We provide training and courses interesting and skilled and experienced instructors to help you. Create product brand requires some precise process.

As you think about branding, keep the process in mind. Thinking through the issues in the following list can help you position your brand and your organization for the long term and prevent a host of short-term problems.

Determine what you’re branding
Decide whether your brand will be your one-and-only or one of several brands in your organization.

Investigate everything there is to know about your product and the market in which it will compete.

Position your brand
Define what makes your brand unique and how it will slot into an available space in the market and in your customers’ minds.

Define your brand
State what your brand stands for, what unique benefit it provides, what it promises to consumers and associates, and the image that will permeate everything from your marketing communications to your product design, business character, and consumer experience.

Develop your brand identity
Include all possible elements in your brand — brand name, logo, tagline, and other brand signature elements.

Launch your brand internally first
Introduce your brand in-house before announcing it via publicity, advertising, promotions, and presentations.

Manage your brand
Develop brand champions, deliver a consistent brand experience, understand your brand’s value, leverage your brand’s reputation — with caution, and protect your brand through usage rules and legal rights.

Monitor, evaluate, and update your brand
Keep your brand relevant and credible in light of changes to your business.

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